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Heusden - Race Report

Today's race was in Heusden, a municipality located in the Belgian province of East Flanders.

heusden6 heusden8

It was another Dames Elite Race, with a large field donated by the big teams. Having watched videos of the last 3 years races, it seemed pretty clear that the group would stay together and the pace would be high.


I decided early on that rather than sit in and hope for a result, I might as well try for a break and see if we could get lucky!

heusden2 heusden3

Well, the 1st one didn't work, so why not launch another!


And again we were pulled back by the group.

heusden15 heusden12

I decided for 1 last effort….

….and agin was pulled back by the field. By this time I'd pretty much used all I had, but was able to hold on to the peloton and rolling with the main group. Another fun race here in Belgium!